BEPEC Membership Categories

BEPEC offers two membership categories:

  1. Built Environment Professionals
  2. Built Environment Contractors

Within each category, there are options based on either the number of permanent employees or the CIBD Grade.

BEPEC’S Membership Fees For Built Environment Professionals

1 to 2

Permanent Employees

R1 6406 months

3 to 10

Permanent Employees

R3 6506 months

11 to 50

Permanent Employees

R6 4506 months

51 to 100

Permanent Employees

R10 7006 months

101 to 250

Permanent Employees

R13 500yearly

251 to 500

Permanent Employees

R18 0006 months

Membership ends 28 February 2018.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join BEPEC and enjoy the benefits of being a member of an Exports Council.

The most important aspect of being a BEPEC member is that BEPEC can open doors no one else can.

The value of BEPEC initiated and led missions to especially the African Development Bank in Abidjan, the World Bank in Washington, and to various African countries, cannot be underestimated and is definitely one of the main reasons why we are still members of BEPEC.

Niel Crafford, Crafford and Crafford Architects.
GIBB’s is extremely proud to be a long-standing member of BEPEC. Our relationship with BEPEC has yielded numerous benefits over the years. In particular, BEPEC has been extremely effective in terms of providing early warnings on key infrastructure projects on the continent, capacity building, network facilitation, and policy support initiatives. We are particularly pleased with the regular annual courtesy visits undertaken by the management of BEPEC to members in order to exchange ideas and establish areas of improvement.

Retaining our membership of BEPEC remains an integral part of our strategy as a company and we remain confident of their continued professional support.

Muzi Siyaya, Group Business Development Executive of GIBB

BEPEC’S Membership Fees For Built Environment Contractors

CIDB Grade 1 - 4

R5006 months

CIDB Grade 5

R1 5006 months

CIDB Grade 6

R2 5006 months

CIDB Grade 7

R10 7006 months

CIDB Grade 8

R13 5006 months

CIDB Grade 9

R18 0006 months

Membership ends 28 February 2018.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join BEPEC and enjoy the benefits of being a member of an Exports Council.

The importance of exporting products and services for a country or an organisation cannot be underestimated. This especially holds true for construction companies. Previously, construction companies in South Africa were left to pursue export opportunities on their own. No doubt, many of them had good successes, whilst others will recall many a tale about the perils of working cross-border.

The opportunity for contracting organisations in South Africa to become members of an auspicious organisation such as BEPEC will only lead to greater and better things. Through BEPEC membership, contractors can now easily find additional information regarding prospects in other countries. They will be supported by a team of professionals and receive relevant and pertinent information in order to make the best of being an exporter.

From SAFCEC’s point of view, such possibilities for growth and development can only be beneficial to not only the South African civil engineering industry but to South Africa as a whole.

Steph Swanepoel, SAFCEC