BEPEC in a nutshell

As one of South Africa’s 18 export councils, the Built Environment Professions Export Council (BEPEC) assists South African built environment professionals including engineers, architects, and quantity surveyors, as well as contractors to export their services and expertise into new markets in Africa and beyond.

What we do

As the prime export council in South Africa that focuses on built-environmental professions we operate in a partnership with the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Our mandate is, therefore, in line with their objectives. The overarching idea is to diversify our country’s export sector by helping South African built-environment companies access new markets. Besides that, we are also working to transform the export sphere by helping smaller and black-owned businesses become export ready.

What drives us

Closing Africa’s massive infrastructure gap requires an expenditure of $130 billion per year, give or take. That is not to say there are no projects or that there isn’t  funding available. The problem is that funding and projects often don’t meet up in Africa. This is, for instance, due to a shortage of bankable feasibility studies. A skills’ shortage also plays a role. South Africa has the necessary built environment skills the continent needs to close its infrastructure gap. That is where BEPEC comes in.

“As a practice that traditionally has done 60% of its work outside South Africa over the past 22 years, we know the pitfalls. We, therefore, strongly recommend becoming a member of BEPEC to any company wishing to acquire professional appointments outside South African borders”

“Being a BEPEC member remains an integral part of our strategy to expand our footprint into Africa”

“Through our BEPEC membership, contractors can easily find  information regarding prospects in other countries while being supported by a team of professionals and receiving relevant and pertinent information. As a result, they can make the most out of being an exporter”